Full HD
1920 x 1080
HDMI signal in
Type C signal in
PD power in & out
Audio 3.5 out


282 x 210 mm
200 - 400 gram
Width like A4
Length like US-letter
≈ 4 mm on the top
≈ 8 mm on the bottom


WiFi - diverse Dongles
Cables - Type C, MHL, HDMI
Batteries - diverse
Adapters - VGA, DVI, DP, miniDP
Holder for single & multiple use
Cases for transport & outdoor

the 3rd evolution

of mobile computing


the paper of the future

become an evolutionist
maker, winner, user

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Tried building the first portable screen in Germany using components of common screens.
Started developing the first portable screen in China with a 15” Full HD LCD Panel
  • Developed the name LAPSCREEN
  • Unofficial introduction of the first LAPSCREEN at CeBIT, at that time the world’s largest computer show
  • Applied for the first LAPSCREEN patent in China
  • Applied for the first LAPSCREEN trademark in China
  • Started to develop own typography for LAPSCREEN and other products
  • Second generation as Multifunction Screens with integrated power adapter, USB charger and power bank
  • Granted the first patent of a LAPSCREEN in China
  • Applied for the LAPSCREEN trademark in the USA
  • Third generation with flat 15.6” LCD Panels
  • The first LAPSCREEN trademark in USA is rejected, because it was not possible due to all the bureaucracy
  • Applied for the LAPSCREEN trademark in Europe
  • Fourth generation, for the first time with eDP
  • With a new 13.3” LCD Panel, the goals of A4 format, Multiscreen and USB power supply are reached
  • Applied a second time for the LAPSCREEN trademark in the USA
  • Official introduction of the fourth generation at the CeBIT and the Industrial Show - both in Hanover, Germany
  • Developed the logo from own typography
  • Fifth generation with integrated WiFi and battery
  • Official introduction of the fifth generation at the MakerFair in HongKong
  • Sixth generation with separate board, needle contacts and magnet holder
Seventh generation as the first with Type C and touch with a 12.5” panel
2018.08.31 - 09.05
Worldwide introduction of the seventh generation at the IFA in Berlin
Campaign starts
Mass production starts
Worldwide sales launch
2019.01.08 - 11.
Introduction at the CES in Las Vegas


Mr. Black
(Michél Haese)

China, Guangdong,
Shenzhen, Futian,
Huaqiang Road, SEG Plaza,
12th floor, SEGmaker

+852 6999 8995
+49 172 38 38 323
+86 186 0307 0167
+49 3222 3390 351 (Fax)

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